Ein Absenkanhänger von Schuler & Schuler AG

Published: 14th June 2011
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A Absenkanhänger, in contrast to traditional supporters of Hinowa Skyjack and the possibility that you may cause serious products, items or equipment problems to this loading and unloading. This procedure is possible, first and foremost the fact, because this trailer can be lowered by a hydraulic problem, the surface of the trailer can be reduced to the same level as the actual ground itself on which this pendant is. In this context, a Absenkanhänger is incredibly valuable when you have to carry many products and looking for a way to unload them quickly. Suppose you load such a trailer with a motorcycle or a larger number of smaller products.

The bike you can easily roll up to this trailer, which in no way work is obtained, which refers to the fact that you need to take the motorcycle. If you have other products for example by Skyjack Hinowa or have that you can transport by a forklift, you can easily take the trailer down, since the reduction mechanism of the trailer is removed, that there is no divergence between the actual soil and subsoil of the trailer there. In this sense, a reduction supporters is quite reasonable and just option for companies, in which the Umladungsprozedur must quickly take place. The properties of such a trailer model should always be so designed that it has a high point load, a very small contact angle of a corresponding protected axis relative to the hydraulic cylinder and a corresponding steel tub, which allows it to cause heavier products no lasting damage. Such a reduction can always buy trailers in various sizes, aimed first and foremost on the particular use. The default size of this amounts to 2560 × 1500 × 350 mm, although there are larger models that are equal to one box dimensions of 4160 x 1750 x 500 mm. In this sense, it makes perfect sense, when you ask first and foremost in detail about the various models and filtered out according to use an appropriately high-quality model for his own purposes. Finally, such a tag is not necessarily cheap, which turns out differently depending on the size of the prize money and drive more profitable if you have a clear idea of ??what size you need for your purposes. In general, a Absenkanhänger of Skyjack Hinowa or carry a weight of up to 1,800 kg. Given the type of trailer it is imperative that you comply with various directives.

First, we must not take such a trailer model with a speed of 100 km / h, since the risk is too high, that an accident occurs. Additionally, it is recommended that one buys a Absenkanhänger only if you have products that can be discharged by means of a roller base. It finally brings little if they order a reduction in trailer and loaded it with products that must be removed anyway. Finally, the advantage of such a trailer model refers only to the fact that you can unload the product quickly and easily, because you can roll down the commodity or article. In this sense, we should bring a clear idea of ??how what products should be loaded for what purpose, so that the pricing efforts must be rewarded accordingly.

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